Blink AG

The BLINK Box is a universal analysis system bringing Random Access to the point of care. 

Blue Danube Robotics

Blue Danube Robotics offers industrial safety solutions for robots and grippers. We support companies with their implementation of cobot-applications through our easy-to-use and highly innovative products. 


Combeenation is the first point of contact when it comes to product configurators. Customers can create their desired products in real time, changing color, material, shape and functions. Thanks to their leading technology, Combeenation is called "The sales boosting configurator". Every Combeenation 3D configurator has a clear goal: to increase sales. Thus, not only companies from Austria, Germany, or Switzerland are among the customers, but also from overseas. Moreover, in 2020 they were awarded as "Mass Customizing Innovator of The Year". 


Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Voice. Email. Chatbots. 
You name it...

  • works out-of-the-box
  • with pre-trained industry solutions
  •  turbo-charging your self-service ambitions 

Element 3-5

Nothing less than a semiconductor revolution

Next Level Epitaxy

Lower deposition temperatures, lower energy and process gas consumption, faster production and combination of new materials for wide-bandgap semiconductors. ELEMENT 3—5 leaps epitaxy to the next level.

up to


energy savings

up to


higher throughput

up to


more productivity


With a prolific platform of small molecule therapies, innate immune checkpoint inhibitors, cell based therapies, vaccines and oncolytic viruses, the central focus of EpicentRx Inc., a privately owned physician-led phase 3 clinical-stage immuno-oncology company located in San Diego, California, is on anticancer immunization and chemo/radioprotection of normal tissues. As a company of actively practicing oncologists/internists we at EpicentRx take cancer very very personally (in a literal and figurative sense) with the plight of the patient serving first and foremost as the motivation to customize or personalize our platform of immunotherapies both to individuals that are otherwise out of options and to groups of individuals with common and in many cases currently undruggable mutations.

Future Metall Technologies

Die Future Metall Technologies GmbH liefert Aluminium Schmelzöfen. 


Lexogen is a biotech company with unique proprietary expression profiling technologies that enable detailed analysis of the complete transcriptome as well as individual full length RNAs of interest.


Gearless Drives with outstanding power density is our specialty. MTA innovated the way, how to engineer and manufacture compact drives, gearless and geared very compact and with an extended running time, based on our 20 years of industry experience.

Our Drive solutions are also customized for mechanical engineering and plant construction.

MTA is a highly innovative, dynamic, independent company in Austria. We develop innovations for drive and automation technology. Customized engineering and production according to our technology provides state of the art technology meeting the requirements of our customers.

NEXUS Elastomer Systems

 Nexus was founded by experienced elastomer specialists to revolutionize LSR injection molding technology. There is one principle: every new Nexus solution has to be simple and better. Simply next level. 


OncoOne is a biotech start-up dedicated to develop innovative therapeutics to treat patients with solid tumors, founded by three individuals with a long history in industrial drug development and oncology research.

The aim of OncoOne is to be a research engine for anti-cancer medicines that meet serious unmet medical needs in oncology. Our passion for science is at the core of everything we do to build a differentiated pipeline of potent therapeutics. Our entrepreneurial spirit enables us to link innovation with corporate strategies.

Reactive Reality

Reactive Reality’s augmented reality (AR) engine enables users to experience a wide range of products before buying them. Our technology allows users to immerse themselves into AR scenes with apparel, objects and landmarks, and furnish and decorate their own places.

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Sealantium Medical

Sealantium Medical is developing a bi-component hemostatic & sealing product composed of a polymeric film with a biological sealant.


Sonocrete brings ultrasound technology to concrete production, enabling strongly increased early compressive strengths, improved workability and greatly reduces the energy consumption required to set high performance concrete. 


A new era of test bed solutions. For a sustainable future for your manufacturing process.




As a holistic solution provider of easy-to-install solar carrier systems, we enable our customers to produce clean electric power, without compromising on the original use of the space.

Ygion Biomedical GmbH

Redefining Cancer Care –
Tailor-made therapies to improve each patient’s quality of life.

At YGION, we envision a future where each cancer patient receives a bespoke therapy designed to fit their unique disease profile.

This approach maximizes effectiveness and minimizes side effects, paving the way for enhanced patient outcomes and better quality of life.

Our goal is to develop a new generation of “plug-and-play” personalized cancer vaccines, providing every cancer patient with the treatment they need.

To achieve this, we leverage cutting-edge technology platforms alongside profound expertise in immuno-oncology.